Virtual Assistant Services

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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant 

Are you trying to get organized before the baby arrives? Focus on being a new mommy , and leave the rest to us!


We offer a variety of packages for our busy new moms.  Below are just some of the benefits you will enjoy. The great thing about our packages is that you get to create your own package by selecting the services that best fit your needs. 

Save Time

Let us create your checklist. The baby could come any day, so it’s best to  be prepared and have the essentials packed and ready to go.

Plan Ahead

We will provide you with make ahead recipes, schedule meal delivery, or hire a chef to prepare your meals, so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Calendar & Appointment Management

With so much going on, and so much for a new mom to remember, juggling appointments is one tedious task that you can definitely delegate. We will schedule/cancel your appointments, and setup reminders.

Pregnancy Apps

There are millions of pregnancy apps floating around. Don’t waste your time downloading or purchasing apps that do not fit your needs. Simply let us know what features you are looking for, and we will take care of the rest.

Baby Registry Management

There is nothing more frustrating than creating a registry and finding that not all of the products that you need are available at that particular store. What if all you had to do was log into ONE site that enabled you to add and see products from a variety of stores on one list?

Mommy 'Me Time'

Now that your mommy to-do list is taken care of you have more time to relax, catch up on your sleep, and eliminate new mom stress before and after the baby comes. We can schedule an in home massage, have your groceries delivered, and even hire a cleaning service.

Contact us today, and start building a New Mommy package that caters to your needs! 

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